DATA THAT makeS you more human

Welcome to the next generation of self-learning predictive marketing.

Real human insight. Real-time communications. Real marketing returns.


Welcome to the next generation of self-learning predictive marketing algorithms. The brains behind brand conversations that become more relevant, more human and more profitable the longer they’re ‘wired into’ your consumer. Delivering accountability, cost savings and step changes in marketing performance.


All built by us. All our own IP.




Our database is populated by 42.8m records, effectively all UK adults, with over 400 data points using multiple data sources.




Our social tool matches social IDs from client data sets, viewing 3,500 social interactions at an individual level. 




SiTE reads pages for brand safety, contextual serve selection, personality- type targeting, pre-targeting rather than re-targeting and paid media audit.




Our piece of JavaScript tracks across multi-touch, cross device and attribution at an individual level. 

Our Team


Nick Horswell


Executive Chairman


Founder of independent agency PHD and consultancy Uncle, Nick has worked with companies in every sector of marketing services, and more recently with a number of other consultancy businesses.



James Harrison



James has over 25 years’ experience in data and media. He is a strategist, planner and inventor of new techniques that drive huge insight and returns from data in marketing.



Mark PhilLips




Mark has 20 years’ experience in data planning having worked in major marketing services groups with global brands. Mark leads our team of talented planners and project managers.



Stefano Matteoli




Stefano is an expert in advising agencies and direct clients on monetising social data, and offers a wealth of experience bringing together data from online and offline sources.



Mustafa Ozkececigil




Mustafa has been professionally involved in the software industry for almost 20 years and is a proven expert in a broad range of development and technology fields. 





Account Director


Millie's expertise is in the interpretation of data across CRM, digital media, content and social. She provides the strategic insight that ensures efficiency and performance whilst driving measurable value.


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